Michael Estrella is a filmmaker, photographer and world traveler whose reflections are fueled by his persistent curiosity about life and cultures in all of their mysterious forms. His works naturally gravitate toward peculiar perspectives on the internal affairs of life itself. Slices of beauty, humor, irony, respect and passion are some of the various common traits that emerge through his lens. His observations are equally matched by his active participation in the grand scheme. If there’s a crowd, he’ll be in the middle of it, a deserted road, he’ll go down it, an “interesting” looking person, he’ll engage conversation. Whether it’s the slums of Cambodia, the streets of New York, the rain forests of the Amazon, the sands of the Sahara, or the sets of some of Hollywood’s top film productions, Michael involves himself in projects that invite you to truly see, feel and experience what is before you. Let’s just say, he basically likes to “get into it” (with his camera).

His efforts and path have allowed him to work with such recognizable names as Halle Barry, Justin Beiber, Harrison Ford, Ozzie Osbourne, The Kings of Leon and Katy Perry to name a few. Michael has over 16 years of film production/photography experience. Approaching every new introduction, project and adventure with genuine energy and inquisitiveness, he prides himself on delivering beyond expectations. One thing is for sure when working with Michael, you won’t be let down or bored.

“Don’t be the person who talks about your dreams, be the person who fulfills them. Anyone care to explore and shoot?!” -Michael Estrella